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General Purpose Disinfecting Fluid

EHP is proud to manufacture our disinfecting fluid (DFLUID).

These units are capable of fogging a 6000 square foot area to keep your workplace clean and contagion free. With this unit there is no manual labor required to fog an entire room. Simply plug it in, turn the timer, and walk away. 

Most foggers and aerosols on the market today put out a droplet size - between 10 and 70 microns. This size of droplet when rendered wet is heavier than air so it drops directly onto the nearest surface, leaving the surface wet and thereby limiting the intended impact.

Only the best components are used to ensure a long lifespan, little maintenance, and a robust design. Strong, durable plastic cases are standard for the housing but other options are available. 

Contact us to for inquires!

  • Output: Up to 10L/Hr

  • Fluid Capacity: 2.5 Gallons (9.46L)

  • Weight: 42 lbs.

  • Micro Droplets (2.5 to 5 microns) 

  • Input: 110V Single Phase, 12V, Battery (2.5 Hrs.)

  • Electrical Area Classification: General Purpose

  • Compact (W8.7” x H13.2” x L16.4”)

  • Robust Construction

  • Quiet Operation (30 DBA @ 5 Feet)

  • Automatic Shutoff (0 to 6 Hours OR Continuous)

  • Maintenance Free

  • No Manual Labor to fog a room

  • No Residue, Moisture, or Negative Side Effects

  • Wheels & Handle for Easy Transportation

  • Breathable Dry Air

  • Plug and play

  • Big Case, Small Case, or Backpack Version

  • Hour Meter

  • Specialty Colors (Minimum order required)

  • Wheels & Handle

  • Larger Fluid Container

  • Sound Dampening

  • Custom Builds Available (Contact Us)

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