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I-Phi EHP Semi
I-Phi Water Tank
I-Phi Hydrogen Converter
I-PHI Hydrogen On Demand

EHP is proud to offer I-PHI, our hydrogen fuel additive system that is perfect for any combustion engine.

This hydrogen system is an aftermarket device designed to work with all internal combustion engines. It uses electrolysis to convert distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. The gasses are then injected into the air/fuel mixture prior to combustion for a cleaner burn resulting in more power & efficiency.

The increase of hydrogen and oxygen gas enhances combustion characteristics of hydrocarbon fuels allowing the fuel to burn 9 times faster than normal. This also allows the combustion phase to be much cleaner and complete decreasing residue. It also extends the lean flammability limit of carbon-based fuel resulting in greater thermo-efficiency, increased fuel mileage & power, and decreased emissions. Many independent tests dating back to the 1970s have validated these effects. In long-haul applications the return of Investment (ROI) is achieved in 9-12 months. 

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  • 4% to 6% Horsepower & Torque Increase

  • 6-8 Hour Install Time

  • Compatibility: Internal Combustion Engines

  • Requires 1 gal. Distilled Water/Week

  • Certified 3rd Party Tested

  • Creates Hydrogen through Electrolysis  

  • 9x Increase in Fuel Combustion Time

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency

  • Increased Horsepower

  • Increased Torque

  • Less Engine Maintenance

  • Longer Engine Life

  • Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • On Demand Operation (No Hydrogen Storage)

  • Does NOT Affect Engine Warranty

  • Certified Third Party Tested By:

    • ​​​Wardrop Engineering

    • Clean Air Technologies

    • Global MRV

    • SAE J1321 Type II Fuel Test

  • Eligible for Emissions Credits

  • Custom Builds Available (Contact Us)

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