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Magazine Catwalk

EHP is proud to manufacture our Magazine Catwalk, a catwalk with a patented deck carrier we call “The magazine deck”.

The Magazine Catwalk is an automated conveyor driven catwalk invented by Rob Folk and the design has been checked and approved by a licensed third-party engineering firm. This design is suitable for substructures from 4.57m (15ft) to 12.19m (40ft). It has a standard catwalk working deck height of 1.07m (42"). 

Transportation dimensions of 2.62m (8.5ft) wide, 18.27m (60ft) long, and 2.29m (7.5ft) total height make moving this catwalk easy and convenient. The pipe handling capabilities can handle tubes from 0.1m to 14.93 m (49ft) in length and 89mm (3.5”) to 915 mm (36”) in diameter. 

What makes it better? 

Increased Stability

The pivoting point of the delivery system is pinned rigid to the catwalk and as a result, the complete unit remains stable during all functions. This is regardless of any inexperienced operators or in need of emergency stopping.

Structurally Sound

Apart from the skate, all moving parts function 1/10th that of competitors resulting in increased life of wear & tear components.

Simplistic Hydraulics

The unit has no traveling hydraulic components. That means no hoses to be pinched or come loose during repetitive functions such as using the gor‐track.

Safety Features

  • The combined features of the ‘goal posts’, side rails and width of the delivery system eliminates the possibility of any style tubular escaping over the side in the event of improper handling.

  • Safety hand rails along the V‐door and cable rails are the full length of the catwalk deck for added protection in the event a crew member needing to walk on the deck when not in use.

  • Having a Variable speed load sensed HPU allows low noise decibel levels during operation which is less than 65db where normal communication is possible and no danger towards hearing impairment. (Well below safe work level standards)

  • Handling of all types of tubular and equipment at a safe working angle of 14 to 20 degrees of angle.

  • Conveyor driven basket for transporting pipe handling equipment such as top drives, etc. and all types of tooling, eliminating any runaway loads. The basket can also be used for transporting any injured personnel safely from the drill floor

  • Single lift with multiple tubular verses single tubular lift, as a result, reduces work area hazards and less fatigue towards all moving parts

  • Specialized Moving system, can move in any direction and at low ground pressure

  • Increased Stability

  • Less Structural Fatigue

  • Simple Operation

  • Simple Hydraulics

  • Quiet

  • Quick

  • Reliable

  • User Friendly

  • Familiar Operation

  • Pipe Handling Capabilities: Tubes from 0.1m to 14.93 m (49ft) Long and 89mm (3.5”) to 915 mm (36”) in diameter.

  • Conveyor Push Capacity: 13,636 kg (30,000 lbs.)

  • Maximum Lift Payload: 36,287.39 kg (80,000 lbs.)

  • Single Joint Cycle Time: 45 seconds (5 seconds from Magazine Deck)

  • Skate Travel Span: 27.43m (90ft)

  • Tailing Winch Mount Rating: 5,450 kg (12,000 lbs.)

  • (12,000 lbs.) max pull Variable Speed

  • Hydraulics 75HP (230-460, 575 V)

  • Operating temp. -40C (‐40F) to +65C ( +150F)

  • Operating decibel level 65db

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