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EHP is proud to manufacture our all in one LPHMD40 units.

These units are a one-of-a-kind combination of a light tower, generator, and heater which is designed to dry grain outputting 300,000 BTU’s. For added heat efficiency re-circulation is as easy as connecting another duct to the unit.


The LPHMD40 can dry grain with dry, hot, breathable air while illuminating the work site and powering other electrical equipment to get your work done.


Our variable heat output can be adjusted to your preference increasing fuel savings when full power is not required. The automatic power limiting feature makes overloading the generator impossible. The LPHMD40 will deliver power where needed. The light tower is customizable from 2 lights up to 16 lights for complete illumination of your workplace.


The fuel savings from a LPHGD40 unit can save up to $##,000/month (at $1.00 per liter) and the C02 footprint is reduced by ## tons/month (Compared to running a generator, light tower, and indirect flame heater).

  • Output: 300,000 BTU

  • Volume: 4400 CFM

  • Pressure: 28 Inches of WC (1 PSI)

  • Delta T Temperature: -40° F @inlet to 140° F @Outlet

  • Fuel: 3.0 Gallons of Fuel/Hr (Full Load) 350 gal.

  • Electrical Area Classification: General Purpose

  • Dimensions: 243" L* 90" W * 150" T

  • Weight: 6,300lbs Empty, 8,400lbs Full

  • Power Management System

  • Emergency, High Temperature Overspeed, & Low Oil Shutdowns

  • 116 Hours of Operation/Tank (Full Load)

  • 110% Fluid Containment

  • 5 Point Stabilization System

  • Forklift Pockets and Lifting Points

  • Sound Attenuated 85dB @10ft

  • Low Maintenance

  • 100% Flameless Breathable Hot Dry Air

  • Light Tower Pin on/off @ 31 Feet Tall

  • 4, 8, or 16 Lights @ 24500 Lumens/light

  • Video Surveillance

  • GPS Tracking

  • Remote Trouble Shooting/Monitoring

  • Voltage: 480V or 600V

  • Blower: 14 Inches of WC (0.5 PSI @6000 CFM)

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