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EHP is proud to manufacture our all in one Light, Power, Heat (LPH) Series.

These units are a one-of-a-kind combination of a light tower, portable generator, and heater which can deliver high volume heated air to location. The combination of technology is extremely versatile and practical. One unit can power tools and equipment, illuminate the surrounding location, and keep things nice and toasty, especially in the winter months. The LPH series make up their cost in fuel savings alone!


The fuel savings from a LPH20 unit can save up to $11,000/month (at $1.00 per liter) and the C02 footprint is reduced by 34 tons/month (Compared to running a generator, light tower, and indirect flame heater). 

Contact us now to see what we can do for you!

LPH20 Render.jpg
LPH40 Render.jpg
LPH60 Render.jpg
LPH90 Render.jpg
SLPH40 Render.jpg
LPHGD40 Render.jpg
LPH 20's Delivery.jpg
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